• $2,350.00

At Prisma Guitars, we want to make sure that we’re making the best guitars possible, with no sacrifices in tone or playability. That comes before everything else.

One of the models that we are most proud of as a company is the one-pickup ‘Syndicate’. This is our most stripped down model to date and features our famed skateboard-based construction. In tribute to the one-pickup “Rock n’ Roll” models of the past like the Gibson Les Paul Jr. and the Epiphone Coronet among others, this is Prisma’s plug-in and play model.

Nothing out there sounds better to us than a guitar that’s packed with a single P-90 in the bridge. Johnny Thunders felt the same way.... When you only have one bridge pickup in your guitar, you are actually able to capture the full vibrations of the guitar strings from the bridge to the nut as there are less magnets pulling on the strings. The sound that results is more sustained and harmonically rich than a two or three pickup guitar. With guitars like ‘The Syndicate’ there’s less much worry into terms of tone-shaping and you can just focus on the important stuff like actually playing your guitar.

Like with all of our other models, both the body and neck are finished thinly in a nitrocellulose lacquer for increased resonance and a more ‘vintage’ feel. If you are a fan of any of the rocker guitars of the past, but you want something a little more modern and visually striking---’The Syndicate’ is the Prisma guitar for you.

As always, if you want to change anything about our stock Syndicate, you can order a fully customizable version tailored to your needs as with all of our models.


-Maple neck w/rosewood fingerboard

-McNelly P90

-Emerson electronics

-Tone Pro Wraparound

- Nitrocellulose finish

- 25.5" scale

- 12" radius

- Allen key Hot Rod truss rod

-"C" shape neck

- Hand-shaped graphtech nut

-1 5/8" nut width

-Free Mono Bag

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