Prisma Guitars - A local artist handcrafts guitars from recycled skateboards ....VIEW ARTICLE


Recently, Pourfard had the honor of building a piece for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Pourfard explains, “I took every detail of his playing style and aesthetic into consideration...VIEW ARTICLE


Brushed-metal hardware and cream cupcake knobs, the overall package is one of the best-looking and most distinctive instruments we’ve reviewed in years. It’s nice to see Prisma bringing something that’s genuinely individual to the table in terms of looks and construction, while sonically, it’s undoubtedly the real deal...VIEW ARTICLE.


Each has its own story, it’s own journey; It makes one think about the duality of characteristics that bring together the fundamentals of ingenuity, art and culture, to make music full of new sight and true sound...VIEW ARTICLE


“Skateboards are made with seven layers of hard rock maple—a familiar guitar wood—and some of the layers are randomly dyed colors. Through working the materials, we get the colors to come through,” says Nick Pourfard, founder of Prisma Guitars. “Every single time I build one, it’s a different result. I never make the same guitar twice.”...VIEW ARTICLE


Though pegged as a boutique custom guitar manufacturer, Prisma offer multiple profiles with six different body shapes from mahogany, alder black or with a hollow body. Offering rehashed skateboard decks into freshly designed guitars at no extra cost, the guitar bodies come with ...VIEW ARTICLE


I went to school for industrial design, so I use those things. It’s better and easier in some circumstances. You don’t have to use CAD, of course, but I enjoy it. We drew up the new bass shape last night. We usually use Auto CAD for the drawing.... VIEW ARTICLE


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