• $2,650.00

At Prisma Guitars, we want to make sure that we’re making the best guitars possible, with no sacrifices in tone or playability. That comes before everything else. 

Straight from the 70's! We relic'd this very carefully to make it look old and we even outfitted the guitar with radio knobs from the past.

When we designed the Mattsonia with Jarred Mattson, we wanted strongly to produce something that looked familiar, whilst still being completely unique in sound and aesthetic. We feel like we achieved that in our final design. We have gotten much praise for this shape and it is now becoming a favorite model amongst the community.

In that case that you want to change anything about our stock guitars, you can order a fully customizable version tailored to your needs as with all of our models.


-Maple Neck with Brazilian Walnut fingerboard (CITES APPROVED)

-McNelly Sparkletron pups

- Tone pro wraparound bridge

- Emerson Custom pots/cap

- Nitrocellulose finish RELIC

- 25.5" scale

- 12" radius

- Allen key Hot Rod truss rod

-"C" shape neck

- Hand-shaped bone nut

-1 5/8" nut width

-Free Mono Bag .search-bar{ display: none; }