On Rotation: What's Playing in the Shop

Posted by Duncan Nielsen on

Hailing from San Francisco, 4-piece post-punk outfit Pardoner play sludgy, de-tuned rock conjuring 90's grunge-era mystics like Dinosaur Jr. and Polvo.

Guitarists/vocalists Max Freeland and Trey Flanigan's buried, slouchy deliveries sound as if they're being sung in the midst of a well-earned Sunday hangover, and give way to gravelly guitars and the band's soothing, sonic disarray.  The floating-in-space, slurred lyrical offerings drift somewhere between profound and mundane; the guys try not to take themselves too seriously.

Pardoner released a newer full length (which you can find here), but we're stuck on a track from the 2016 gravedigger EP called "Mercury in Retrograde."

Listen below or hear the entire EP via Bandcamp, and be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Spotify for new releases and tour dates.


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