Custom Builds

How much is a guitar, typically?

How long does it take to make a guitar?

Do I need to pay up front for a custom guitar?

Can you sell just a body or neck?

Do you build 7 or 12 string guitars or 5 string basses? baritone?

Can I make any shape hollow?

Can you build a guitar with my own skatebaord? Do you charge extra?

How many boards do I need to send to make a guitar?

Can you pick the colors that show on the guitar?

Do you make lefty guitars?

Can you do shapes other than the ones lised on your site?

Can you do custom inlay work?

Can you do a 3x3 headstock instead of the in-line tuners?


What is your return policy?

What do you ship your guitars in?

Do you ship internationally? I do not see my country listed on your site.

Can I visit your shop?