How much is a guitar typically?

An average guitar runs about $2650-$3000. This all depends on what you want.

Can you sell just a body or neck?

At the moment we are only selling complete guitars.

Do you build 7 or 8 string guitars or 5 string basses? Baritone?

We are currently only building 6 string guitars and 4 string basses normal scale.

Can you build a guitar with my own skateboards? Do you charge extra?

We are able to build a guitar with your skateboards at no extra charge. If you want to build a guitar with your own boards, please send them to us and we will begin. Keep in mind that we have our own stock as well.

How many boards do need to send to make a guitar?

This all depends on what body styles and wood options you choose. Please fill out a custom shop form and we will let you know via email how many boards to send to me.

Can you pick the colors that show on the guitar?

We are unable to pick any of the colors that emerge in the guitar. This is a one-of-a-kind color pattern that cannot be replicated.

Do you make lefty guitars?

Yes. Please write this under notes when filling out your form. There is no additional charge for left handed instruments.

Do you ship internationally? I do not see my country listed on your site.

We ship all over the world. If you are in another country and interested in anything on the site please email us at contact@prismaguitars.com.

Can you do shapes other than the ones listed on your site?

No, these are the shapes we offer and nothing else.

Can you do custom inlay work?

Depends on what you want done, but we are open to some custom design.

Can you do a 3x3 headstock instead of the in-line tuners?

No, we use our one headstock for all of our instruments.

What do you ship the guitars in?

Every guitar comes with a complimentary MONO Creators TSA approved gig bag.

Can I visit your shop?

We love visitors! just make sure to email and set an appointment beforehand.