• $2,499.00

At Prisma Guitars, we want to make sure that we’re making the best guitars possible, with no sacrifices in tone or playability. That comes before everything else.

In lieu of our signature skateboard-based construction, we have developed a “traditionally”-constructed model in the Sunset series. While there are no skateboard used in the building of the Sunset bodies or necks---except on the inlayed dots,handmade knobs and pickups---these guitars are equally unique in terms of aesthetic, sound and playability. 

We are located in the Sunset District of San Francisco, CA. Home to Ocean Beach, an area with heavily influenced by surfing and skateboarding culture. This neighborhood is filled with vibrant pastel colored houses cascading down the hills to the beach. Every guitar in this series is meant to represent a house in the neighborhood and the custom Decoboom pickguard is inspired by 70s California surf culture.

As far as playability and sound go, the Sunset is one of our favorite models. With an eye again towards vintage California, the Sunset Series is fitted with a nitro-finished, C-shape maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. We’re confident that the Sunset will feel comfortable in the hands of any old-school or modern player. The bodies on the Sunset series are made of lightweight alder and are very thinly finished in nitrocellulose for maximum resonance just like our favorite guitars of the past.

Loaded with McNelly x Prisma pickups, this model is unmistakably clear in sound and versilite in practice. The tones are bright at max and warm and jazzy with the tone rolled off. With a modern radius, it’s easy to bend all over the neck with very little resistance. We’ll also bet that you’ll have a bit of difficulty putting it out of tune—we take pride in our guitar’s tuning stability.

If you love Prisma, but have less of an attachment to skateboarding, the Sunset is the way to go.

We are proud to offer this as our first traditional model. As always, if you want to change anything about our stock Sunset model you can order a fully customizable version tailored to your needs as a player by emailing us at

Allow 6-8 weeks to build.


- Tone-Pro wraparound bridge or Mastery Bridge

-McNelly Duckling and Stagger swagger

-Decoboom custom guard

- Emerson Custom

- Nitrocellulose finish

- 25.5" scale

- 12" radius

- Allen key Hot Rod truss rod

-"C" shape neck

- Hand-shaped graphtech nut

-1 5/8" nut width

-Free Mono Bag .search-bar{ display: none; }